In June 2019 I started my MA with Falmouth university as part of an accredited education programme.

13th November 2019

This week we were asked to “Imagine you are being commissioned by a newspaper, or magazine, to shoot a story in five to seven images. It can be about anything – ideally something local – but the images must tell the story by themselves; be strong enough to carry the narrative. The story can be about a person, a place or a thing. Keep your focus narrow. What matters is to make sure each photograph gets to the essence of what the narrative wants to express.”


There were lots in interesting stories shared for that weeks topic. A few different ones from the XR protests as a few of the students had been at the protests in London, so these were really interesting. I had been following Ilya’s (who is on the same cohort with me) work closely on instagram and in her work in progress, so it was great to see her images displayed together, and also to see other other photographers work from the same protest and to see their different takes and viewpoints to Ilya’s, as she had been attending as both a participant in the protest and as a photographer as well.

This is is the story that I shared …

I almost didn’t post these images as they’re extremely personal. It’s taken me all week to work up the courage to share them. Which is rather odd because I have shared them on my facebook and instagram pages. But there we go, the mind says to you, what the mind says to you, and apparently sharing them here was making me feel incredibly vulnerable.








 These are some of the replies I received about the story
Amy said –
” I can understand that you feel vulnerable, so thank you for posting these.  I love the colors in the last one- your hair, the sweater and the wall color are beautiful.  The last photo (sorry to keep talking about it!) also has a recurring pattern of rectangles- the sink, the tile, the soap dispenser the mirror and your reflection.  The end result places you in an internal frame.  The empty bed is intriguing, and I just noticed that there’s pink dye from your hair on the pillow– you’ve left behind a clue.  Cool, Bekkie!”
 One of the tutors Clare had wrote “”I agree with Amy,  I like this idea the internal frame I’m thinking about how that could be incorporated into the conceptual elements of this project. I also think the image with the food rapping placed on another image is visually really intriguing, it took me a while to understand what I was looking at, and I quite that element to it.”
Ilya Said – Beautiful powerful story Bekkie, thanks for sharing. The toilet selfie one is really poignant when you realise what is in it that most of us don’t have, that medical tube which isn’t immediately apparent. Thanks for sharing.
 Other comments that were made –
Powerful set of images coming from the heart.

The bed photo was thought to be “very intriguing in the sense of vulnerability and personal encounter”

Someone had also commented on how they really spoke out , and how when we have images that feel scared to share, or are too intimate to share, they end up being even more beautiful and interesting, because that thing makes feel that vulnerability is what others will see in them, and react to in them as  well.

Good point of view. Like someone is investigating the scenes
This week we also had a live lecture with Anna about different markets for photography. I really struggled with this webinar, as I felt like a few members of the group monopolised the conversation, whilst talking over the top of Anna as well, which I found extremely disrespectful as yes it’s great to hear other photographers opinions, but first and foremost , I want to here the tutors thoughts on things. Anna did handle it well, and kept getting back on point, but it continued happening so much that int he end I found I was ‘switching off’ because I felt like Iw as just hearing a few students life stories rather than actually learning anything. I have been meaning to actually go back through and listen to the webinar again, as I do feel like I probably missed things because of this, but I have been so busy with photoshoots for my project that I haven’t managed to find the time yet unfortunately.
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