In June 2019 I started my MA with Falmouth university as part of an accredited education programme.

23rd November 2019





My first webinar was a nightmare. EVERYTHING went wrong that could. My webinar was booked for 9:40pm , I like to leave them as late as possible so I know our youngest is fast asleep before starting, I had spent the previous 3/4 hours finishing off writing my oral presentation and typing it up. When I went to print it half an hour before the webinar the printer first of all printed it at little teeny mouse size, and then froze and wouldn’t print anything else. Having mist the sessions designed to get feedback on your oral presentation, I really wanted to utilise this time to go through what I had done so far as I was starting to panic about it. Whilst trying to print my work my youngest decided to get out of bed, and cry to me that I am ‘ALWAYS” doing photoshoots these days, and I’m not even getting paid for it , so I am just choosing to “leave’ them ( serious dagger to the heart here !) needless to say I was NOT in a good place emotionally when after 15 minuets of trying to get my presentation printed I gave up, as the webinar was about to start. We started the presentation and I explained to Laura the issues I was having, but as I am only on a laptop I couldn’t have the webinar open and read the OP at the same time. So one of the things I had wanted to do was go through my CRJ layout / format as given we are marked on it, and I have spent a substantial amount of time on it, I wanted to make sure that it was functioning properly and was easy to navigate. Next thing that went wrong was my security certificate on my website keeps being taken off by easyspace my webhoster,  so sometimes when it is working my website looks like this …

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-19 at 09.04.59WhatsApp Image 2019-11-19 at 09.05.45

And when it’s not it looks like this image on the right ….

quite a HUGE difference as you can see !

After trying to navigate this and being completely unable, my internet started playing up, and I decided my stress levels couldn’t take it anymore so we totally gave up. Laura tried everything she could to help me, but the universe was against us ! When I got off the webinar I discovered my eldest had started playing on an online game so thats why the internet hadn’t been working, he had been using all the bandwidth ! The next day I had an appointment at the hospital eye clinic as I have been suffering from aural migraines …. this is what the optometrist saw …. those big red splodges on the left are apparently very high blood pressure caused by stress contorting my arteries over my veins ! Not a greta thing to see when you use your eyes for your living ! All is good though, apparently I need to take up meditation and all will be good with the eyes and the world again. Funnily the dr asked if I was stressed, I said I am in the final two weeks of a module for my MA … “AHHHHH” he said “SAY NO MORE”  ! 75553021_2754193461298139_3860896559373746176_n


The next morning I had got the printer sorted out, banned my eldest from online games for the rest of his life , and my internet was back and running properly. I knew Laura had webinars that morning as well so I asked really nicely if she could squeeze me in and she thankfully saw my message in time and agreed. This time, things went swimmingly ! The internet worked and I read out my OP, going to 14 minuets, so I need to cut out a good 3 minuets (some of it was time using and ah’ing and making mistakes etc). Lauras feedback was really positive, she said it was actually “brilliant” (just the words you need to hear after having such a stressful few days!) and said it was impressive given I was only in module two, and that I had ticked so many of the boxes for the mark scheme, which was exactly what I needed to hear after the disaster that was the previous evening ! Obviously, she said I needed to edit it down and she advised as to what sections she would cut down, to save time, but for a first draft it was really really positive. I am still working on the OP and refining it, which given we have 16 days till hand in, I am really happy with.


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This blog is written as part of my studies on the Falmouth University photography ma, an accredited educational programme.